Property Manager (Director of Property Management) – Cleveland, OH

Position Available: Property Manager (Director of Property Management)

Location: Cleveland, OH

The Director of Property Management is responsible for an assigned portfolio of home owners associations and ensuring that all administrative, financial/reporting/budgeting, and customer service functions are performed in a professional, timely, efficient, effective and accountable manner for all properties and clients in the Director’s assigned portfolio on a daily basis, with a constant view for the future performance of the team and the property. Additionally, responsible for ensuring that all physical aspects of the property are maintained safely, efficiently, and effectively.

The Director of Property Management executes or delegates duties with the highest regard for exceptional performance, operational functions, & the best interests of company, clients, and residents. As team leader, the Director of Property Management bears responsibility for the team’s efforts to maximize productivity, efficiency, creativity, strategic problem solving, and customer service.

Performance is measured against the Company’s directive to “Only promise what you can deliver and always deliver what you promise”.

Company Info: Company is a full-service property management firm that manages a diverse portfolio of properties consisting of homeowner associations, apartments, shopping centers and office buildings.  They have a long history in real estate, construction and development and they are continually growing their portfolio.  They have approximately 100 properties under management w/ approx. 90 team members and a tremendous culture!

Key Requirements:

  • 3+ years of residential property management experience, in a leadership role managing a homeowner’s association, large-scale, high-rise property, either a Condo Owners Association (COA) or apartment community.
  • Excellent computer literacy/facility, including Microsoft Office & Outlook, and financial software. Company currently uses Caliper Software, but they are converting to Appfolio.
  • Ability to manage and motivate people to provide a high level of customer service.
  • Effective communication verbally and in writing with owners, residents, team members, community members, vendors, & contractors.
  • Working understanding of financial reporting and accounting. 

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