Real8 Group delivers REAL solutions

Finding the ideal employee who will add value to your organization is no small task. That is why Real8 Group exists. We are national real estate recruiting experts. We find the talent that you need, allowing you to focus on your business.

Our Philosophy

Let’s face it, hiring is time consuming. It takes you away from what you do best. Posting jobs and running ads will certainly produce resumes, but it’s not the most effective strategy. 

We are proactive. We find, contact and recruit the best talent in the marketplace. At Real8, we want your toughest job to be deciding who you want to hire.


A job is more than just a list of duties. We dig deep into the details and ask thought provoking questions to define what the resume of the ideal candidate will look like.


We develop a strategic recruiting plan and source candidates through direct cold calling and social media recruiting techniques.  We don’t post ads or rely on job boards.


Finding quality candidates can be a challenge. We confirm qualifications, employment history / career stability, motivating factors, compensation and determine a candidate’s true interest level in making a job change.


As soon as we uncover and qualify candidates, the team at Real8 will be excited to make you aware of their backgrounds!  Typically detailed resumes are forwarded for review or we may just call you to make you aware of a really great find! We can customize the process to best suit your needs.


When it comes time to schedule phone / video or in-person interviews, we will coordinate schedules and confirm meetings.  We follow up with candidates after the interview(s) to gauge their interest level, address any concerns and / or begin to prepare the candidate for an offer.


Our goal is to make your toughest job deciding who you want to hire.  We are experts at salary negotiations, we check references and verify degrees.  We will provide support up to and beyond a hire’s first day of work.