Lisa Pyle – Partner/Co-Founder

Lisa Pyle is a Partner at Real8 Group where she develops new business and works with real estate firms across the country to identify key executives for vacant positions.  After spending over 20 years in the recruiting business (that’s a lot of placements), Lisa believes that the ideal candidate is only a phone call, email or text away.   Along with her two Partners, she helps manage and direct the Real8 recruiting team who will leave no stone unturned to find accomplished real estate professionals.

Lisa is known for her ability to provide a significant amount of detail and guidance to her clients throughout the search process.  She works with all asset classes and is the go-to person at Real8 for searches within the self-storage industry. Lisa was a featured speaker at the SSA 2018 Fall Conference and Trade Show in Las Vegas and featured on the Self Storage Podcast with Jim Ross.

Lisa (a country girl at heart) lives in the mountains of Tennessee with her husband, Jeff, and their 130lb Newfoundland.  She loves to fish, especially ice fishing (but she probably won’t take the fish off of her own hook!).  She also enjoys unwinding with a great red wine.