A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Executive Talent Acquisition

At Real8 Group, our mission is clear: to connect exceptional talent with extraordinary opportunities. To achieve this, we approach every client relationship with a deep commitment to collaboration, trust and shared goals.

Understanding Your Vision
Our clients are at the center of everything we do. We spend quality time with you and listen attentively before executing our search strategy. We want to know your story, learn about your company culture, the position details, job requirements, your growth strategies and opportunities for advancement. It’s important that we promote your company and position to entice the industry’s best candidates to consider a job change. Once we gather all of the details of the assignment, a dedicated expert recruiter is assigned to the search. In addition, our entire team is alerted to the opportunity and tasked with searching through their contacts.

Market Research and Networking
To discover those hidden gems, the executive recruiter conducts extensive market research and taps into their network. They are in the know about industry trends, the talent landscape, and potential candidates who may not even be actively seeking new opportunities. Additionally, our national resume database of industry professionals comes into play. Your recruiter goes a step further by actively reaching out to the most talented potential candidates in the industry. Their goal is to find the ideal blend of skills, experience, and cultural fit, never settling for anything less than the best match for your organization.

Recruiter Interviews
Candidates will go through in-depth interviews, where the recruiter will meticulously assess their skills, experiences, motives and salary requirements. The recruiter will also have discussions about your culture and working environment to help ensure that personalities align.

Presentations and Offers
You will be presented with detailed resumes and notes on each candidate. When you are ready to move forward with interviews, we will coordinate each meeting and provide detailed feedback from each candidates’ perspective.

Assistance with Offers
Our support extends to assisting in compensation negotiations, and ensuring a smooth transition as you finalize the details of the employment offer.

Ongoing Support
Our clients’ achievements are our own, and we take pride in your growth and accomplishments. Our vision extends to the future, where we aim to grow and evolve alongside our clients, continuously supporting your changing needs and aspirations. At Real8 Group, we’re more than recruiters; we’re your partners on the path to success.

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