How to Make Your Team More Productive

3 Steps to Quick Decisions

Let’s face it, making decisions on the fly is part of life. We only have so many hours in a day, so it’s important to be decisive.

Here are 3 things to try to make decisions faster:

  1. Practice: Good decision making takes time and practice. When you’re tasked with your next big decision, block out time to work on it like any other project. Weigh out your options and make the best decision for you.
  2. 30-second rule: Are you indecisive? Give yourself 30 seconds to make small decisions like what you’re going to wear or eat for lunch. Rinse and repeat daily. You’ll eventually work your way up to bigger decisions at the same rate.
  3. Give feedback:  You aren’t always going to make the best decision. That’s life. It’s important to reflect on your decisions and figure out how you can do better on the next one. The worst thing you can do is start beating yourself up.

So, what are you eating for lunch? The clock starts now.

Make Your Team More Productive

Are you looking to garner more productivity out of your team? While there are countless books on productivity and management, sometimes you just have to get your hands dirty. Try these things now.

    1. Be real: Entrepreneur Magazine says it best, “there’s no replacement for authenticity.” Don’t try to lead like others. People can see right through fakeness.
    2. Be transparent: Learn to admit when you’re wrong. This will promote a culture of learning in your company.
    3. Make time for others: It’s important to connect with your employees and colleagues on a personal level. Some managers set aside time to take out employees to lunch or on a walk. It’s all about building a stronger connection with your team.
    4. Acknowledge good work: It feels good when someone acknowledges your hard work. Make sure you’re recognizing your team. This simple tip makes a HUGE difference.
    5. Encourage risk-takingSometimes the road less traveled is the right road to be on. It’s important to build a culture that isn’t afraid to take risks.

Need a few more tips, click here.

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