4 Ways a Recruiter Can Help You

Entrepreneurs and business leaders are used to doing things for themselves. Why pay someone to perform a task you can do yourself? You can post a job to one of those big-name job boards, right? Of course, you can. But throwing a job posting out to every Tom, Dick, and Harry on the Internet is not the same thing as recruiting.

Recruiting companies like Real8 Group specialize in helping you find the right person to fit your organizational needs and culture. You have plenty of other tasks fighting for your time, so let recruiters do what they do best. You’ll have more time to take care of the most urgent issues facing your organization. While you’re doing that, a recruiter finds your next new hire.

You may be skeptical about whether a recruiter can make a difference with your next job opening. Check out the following ways a recruiter can help you.

1. Set expectations

Before a recruiter goes out into the world peddling your job to qualified candidates, the recruiter needs to understand your expectations for the new employee. What knowledge, skills, and abilities do you want? What character traits help someone fit into your company’s culture? How quickly do you need a new hire to come on board? If you aren’t clear on your expectations, a good recruiter can help you work them out.

If your expectations aren’t realistic, a recruiter can help you understand the job market and what it will take to land an employee you’ll want to keep for the long haul. Perhaps your qualifications are too rigorous. Maybe the salary you want to offer isn’t enough. A recruiter can give you fact-based advice to help you adapt your expectations to align with job market realities.

2. Find quality candidates

Should you post your job on Indeed? Should you run Facebook ads? How about posting something on your personal LinkedIn page? If you must ask these questions, you don’t know where qualified candidates will find your job. Recruiters — especially ones who specialize in your industry — know where to discover the talent your business needs.

Over time, recruiters build networks of people they tap into when they have jobs to fill. These contacts are key to finding people who would be interested in your job but aren’t actively seeking a new employment opportunity. Recruiters tap into these networks on your behalf, so they can poach your competitors’ best employees without the competitors realizing they’re being poached.

3. Work quickly

When a job sits vacant, your company loses productivity. In most cases, you need jobs filled as quickly as possible so your company can perform at its peak.

Hiring is one of many tasks demanding your attention. Recruiters are singularly focused on getting your job filled. When it comes to hiring, they work much more quickly than you can.

4. Get your top candidate to the finish line

After you identify your top candidate, the road to that potential employee’s first day is filled with pitfalls. Reference checks, employment offers, salary negotiations, and moving allowance needs all offer sticking points where a candidate can decide to back out. A recruiter can guide you and the candidate through these issues to make sure your chosen person makes it to the first day on the job.

Let us recruit your next hire

Real8 Group is a national executive real estate search firm serving the real estate and construction industries. The partners of Real8 Group collectively have 75 years of recruiting experience and have completed over 2,000 placements throughout the US. Real8 Group is not just another search firm, but a dedicated team of experienced recruiting experts with a proven track record of filling virtually every type of real estate and construction position nationally.

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