How to Impress Your Boss

Want to Impress the Boss?

With over 10 years of experience in managing employees, Nicole Rollender shares 5 tips on impressing your boss.

  1. Keep track of everything: If you’re tasked with an assignment from your boss, write it down. If you really want to impress the boss...give them a status update before you’re asked to.
  2. Respond quickly: The worst thing you can do with a manager is go radio silent. If they ping you on Slack, (or whatever group chat you use) try to respond right away.
  3. Work smarter, not harder: It all comes down to the final product. Take time to actually consider the task at hand rather than rushing into it. No one cares about how much time you put into it. They care about the quality of the product.
  4. TMI – Too much information: You don’t need to share everything with your boss. Example: you drank too much the night before. Keep that one to yourself.
  5. Thinking cap: Don’t be afraid to share new ideas. It shows initiative and could put you on the fast track to promotion.

Follow This Formula and Double Your Growth

41.5% growth ….If you hit that number in 2 consecutive years, you’ll double your business.

With the new year quickly approaching, now is a great time to put the 41.5% growth approach into place.

Forbes Magazine states, “with a 41.5% growth approach, you simply think differently about everything, from whom you hire (no more “good enough” team members) to what you invest in, to the clients you engage with. You simply cannot play at an OK pace with OK clients and OK employees.

Putting it to work…

41.5% growth is no joke. If looking at that number scares you; simplify it. Ask “what would it take for us to grow sales next quarter by 41.5%?”

Regardless of what growth rate you choose, it’s important to have a goal in mind for the company and your team.

So, what’s your goal for 2019?

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