Is Austin Running Out of Room?

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  • A $32m dollar penthouse anyone? Hudson Yards prepares for its grand opening next week on the far west side of Manhattan. The $25b redevelopment will include retail, office space and condos ranging from $4m to $30m.


  • U.S. apartment market shows no signs of slowing down. Occupied apartments units saw a 20% increase compared to the last 10-years. A number of demographic and socioeconomic factors are at play here, including student loan debt and low availability with housing assets. Considering it’s “now cheaper to rent than buy in more than half of all counties nationwide,” multifamily appears to be a good investment choice.


  • Austin is more tech than “weird” these days. Austin, Texas has seen a tech influx over the past 5 years resulting in a 40% increase on the median home price. A 23% population increase from 2010 to 2017 is causing traffic and parking nightmares as well.It looks like the “cool kids” may need to find a new “cool spot.”


  • Did you know? Texas is the only state that doesn’t allow breweries to sell beer to-go. That could change with 2 new bills going before the house and senate. The new legislation would allow craft breweries to sell two cases of beer to-go.


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