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Do You Micromanage?

Stop Micromanaging

When you micromanage your team, you’re essentially saying, “I don’t trust you enough to do your job.”

Micromanaging is a morale killer and will put your employees on the fast track to another job.

Here are 3 tips to ensure you’re not micromanaging:

  1. Over articulate instructions and expectations: make sure you’re employee knows what the heck they’re doing before they start a new project. This will eliminate the back and forth throughout the project.
  2. Give them some time: wait until the project is about 70% complete before chiming in. By doing so, you’ll instill trust in their work.
  3. Mind your tone: when you’re checking in, say things like “are you good, can I help you with anything?” The goal is to make sure your team member doesn’t feel like you’re questioning the quality of their work.

Now go forth and practice these tips!

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