Power Nap Anyone?


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  • Want to relive the college glory days? It’s no surprise that co-living is seeing an upward trend. According to Market Watch, in major cities like San Francisco and New York, millennials would have to spend 77% of their income to afford the average one-bedroom apartment. What is co-living? Tenants share common areas such as the kitchen and bathroom in a communal setting. Co-living offers significantly cheaper rent and investors are starting to take notice.



  • How much would you pay to take a power nap? Nap Bar’ might be the newest trend in the wellness space. The retailer is slated to open its’ first Texas location at Rice Village. Power naps start at $25 for 20 minutes. Monthly memberships are available for $179 and include access to showers, pajamas, and coffee.


  • Real estate and food delivery go hand in hand. With food delivery on the rise, Uber is testing a program in which it leases empty space for commercial kitchens that focus on food delivery. The delivery only service would be powered by UberEats.

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