Does it Matter What You Wear to Work?

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Does Dressing for Success Work?

That’s a loaded question. Some positions require you wear a suit to work. Other positions are cool with you rockin’ whatever makes you feel comfortable and productive.

Is it time for you to revisit your dress code? 

If you’re a remote company, you’re in the clear.

(Pro tip for remote workers: Showering and dressing like you’re going to an office makes you more productive according to research).

While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to work dress codes, there’s one underlying factor to focus on: TRUST

Your team will ultimately vary on their dress code preferences and that’s ok. At the end of the day, creating a culture of trust should be the main focus. If you’re hiring people because you believe they’re a good fit for your company, you should be able to trust them to wear the right clothes.

Debra Corey from Forbes Magazine nails it with this one:

“Trust goes hand in hand with the work we’re all doing to create a diverse and inclusive workplace, one that allows employees to bring their whole selves to work. Whether that means in a suit, a dress, jeans or whatever, don’t let dress code be a barrier to engaging your workforce. You can welcome individualism and just watch the positive results that follow.”

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What’s On Your Desk?

Have a messy desk? While there may be a method to your madness, your co-workers may disagree. Business Insider claims that a messy desk may lead to a bad impression with your colleagues.

Here’s a short list of things on your desk that make you look unprofessional:

  1. Dishes on your desk: just don’t do it
  2. All of the sticky notes: if your desk is covered in sticky notes, you’re probably not getting much done
  3. Political propaganda: evangelizing your political stance at work makes you look inappropriate
  4. Toys: self-explanatory here
  5. A pack of cigarettes: even unlit cigarettes stink
  6. Suggestive pictures or calendars: keep those selfies in a digital format (aka on your phone).

To see the whole list, click here. 

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Get Paid to Sleep

We’re not talking about some weird sleep study you took in college for extra beer money. This is a legitimate Japanese company paying its employees to get a good night’s sleep.

‘A Bloomberg report has released that the employees who sleep six hours a night, for at least five days a week, will get awarded points by Crazy Inc. The points can be exchanged for food in the company cafeteria worth as much as 64,000 yen ($570) per year.’

How’s it tracked?

An app made by AirWeave Inc.

Baby steps…

While you may not be ready to pony up cash for employees to get a good night’s sleep, you may want to encourage your employees to get at least 6 hours of sleep every night. It’ll help with productivity and apparently, a longer life!

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