How to Know if You Need a Recruiter

It isn’t always easy for companies to recognize when they need a recruiter to help fill a vacant position. Executives look at the fees search firms charge and say, “Our HR department can do that.” But can they? Or are they too busy orienting new employees, maintaining legal compliance, advising managers on personnel issues, and verifying payroll transactions are correct?

Managers also sometimes have difficulty seeing their need for a recruiter. They think they’re in the best position to find that person that perfectly fits the job responsibilities and organizational culture. But are they? Or could they greatly benefit from the expertise of a search firm professional?

You may not know you need a recruiter, so here are four signs you need a recruiter to help fill your next job vacancy.

1. You’re too busy to run a hiring process

When your team isn’t operating at full capacity, each team member carries a little more of the load. That includes the leader. If you have a few vacancies on your team, you may be too busy to run a hiring process. You’re making sure the work gets done while trying not to burn out the personnel you have. It’s a delicate balancing at that takes time to do well, and you’re attempting it while you take on extra work yourself.

With a recruiter running your hiring process, you keep the team afloat. The recruiter focuses on filling the vacant roles on your team. As much as possible, your focus is on your team’s work. In the meantime, the recruiter finds you the right people to get your workflow back to a sustainable pace. 

2. You don’t know the job market for the position you’re filling

Most of the time, managers oversee employees whose work the manager can do. But not always. Let’s say you’re the administrator of a hospital, and you need a new chief of surgery. You probably have no clue how to evaluate candidates for that position. That’s when you need a search firm with recruiters who specialize in recruiting physicians for management positions. With a recruiter by your side, you can make an informed choice backed by expert opinion.

3. You want to tap into the group of people who aren’t actively looking for a job

Sometimes when you post a job, it seems like all you get are people between jobs and those who are desperately trying to get out of their current companies. People in these professional situations can be great hires, but there are more people out there who a recruiter can attract.

People who aren’t actively looking for a job can be drawn in by a recruiter’s reaching out. Even though a person may be happy presently, a recruiter’s contact is flattering and enticing. The potential candidate asks him- or herself, “What is this job opportunity that has dropped in my lap?” Even though this person isn’t looking to jump to a new employer, the recruiter certainly has the person’s attention.

4. You want expert assistance through the entire hiring process

It’s comforting to have a second set of eyes on your hiring process. This is why many hiring managers choose to use panel interviews. Beyond just help in an interview, a recruiter provides expert assistance from writing a job advertisement to facilitating the candidate’s start date. That sort of help puts you at ease because you have an experienced professional guiding you.

Let Real8 Group recruit your next hire.

If any of the situations described above fit what you’re facing, you need a recruiter to handle your next hire. You can focus on what you do best, and the recruiter can find the right person for your vacant position.

Real8 Group is a national executive real estate search firm serving the real estate and construction industries. The partners of Real8 Group collectively have 75 years of recruiting experience and have completed over 2,000 placements throughout the US. Real8 Group is not just another search firm but a dedicated team of experienced recruiting experts with a proven track record of filling virtually every type of real estate and construction position nationally.

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